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Eynesford & Farningham Music Festival 2013

Well! What an exciting day we all had! And a great big thank you to all those who turned out and helped in the inaugural E&FMF.

Admittedly the run up to the event was a bit of a cat's breakfast what with the misunderstanding about the venue (who was it who said the underground carpark at the Mill would be ready?), the use of The Hartley Morris Men for security (I did warn about keeping them out of the beer tent, of course it might have been easier if we actually had a tent to keep the beer in) and the refusal of the Police to allow an alternative substance amnesty (but for how long has Bob Luck's 7 year old vintage cider been considered an alternative substance?).

But the day dawned, unfortunately wet, but it must have dawned behind the clouds. It was a shame that the PA hadn't arrived but I think those bands that did play coped magnificently and would have sounded terrific if it had. I think I understand the position of some of the 'artistes' (Debby and the Radiators are you reading this?) that they couldn't (or should that be wouldn't?) play without amplification but it doesn't show the true grit of the British that they wouldn't even make the effort. I also think that they had a nerve to demand payment despite not playing, and as for the bucketloads of green jellybabies demanded.... well, if anyone can think of a good home for them they might let me know. Paul has agreed to take the Babycham at cost price so that's one less headache for the committee.

I would like to thank all those who rallied round, especially the orchestra from Anthony Roper School, they would have done Philip Heseltine proud, and not just in the drinking stakes. It was a shame that the lightning struck just at the climax of the Schumann quartet, I had warned them not to lift their bows with quite such a flourish but the excitement got the better of them. How fortunate that they weren't using the Guarneri instruments donated by The Darenth Valley Foundation, in many ways the wet weather was a blessing because one can imagine the damage caused if it had been dry.

But all in all it was great day. It was unfortunate that the weather intervened, and once again the publicity people got the date wrong on the flyers so I apologise to all those who turned up only to find the sub-aqua club dive-in in full swing (How come they always get the sunny days, it's not as if they need it, they're going to get wet anyway?)

Despite the setbacks I do hope that the event will become a regular feature of Darenth Valley life and look forward to the next

The Cox

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