Sponsors of the Farningham Lifeboat Crew

Newsletter 2008

The 2007 AGM, held on 29th February in the function room of the Farningham Hotel and attended by well over a hundred members and nearly two hundred of their guests was a great success. It was unfortunate that the organising committee had failed to realise that the hotel was a Temperance establishment with no alcohol licence but thanks should still go to the Warlock brewery of Eynesford for providing the drinks, we must all make an effort to get through the 900 gallons of ale brewed specially for the event and which the committee unfortunately bought on a 'no return' basis.

Nature has not looked kindly on the activities of the EFDSS over the past year:

Further reports will appear here just as soon as the secretary receives those reports from members who participated in them.

The February AGM will be held, once again, at the Farningham Hotel but, due to unforeseen circumstances, is postponed; a future date will be posted here as soon as the committee have organised it.

A big thank you comes from the Farningham Lifeboat Crew for all our efforts. They have been most understanding at our inability to actually provide any funding this year.

Regards and an exciting 2008 to you all.

The Cox

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